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Anxiety and Depression

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

These two psychopathologies have recently merged in terms of pharmacological treatment. But I prefer non pharmacological approaches first. Certainly anxiety and depression are related with anxiety leading to depression, as Oriental ad Unandi theory speak of excitement leading to exhaustion in their diagnostic protocols.

Locked into emotion is subjectivity, so one must develop objectivity. Breath can be used to get into alpha (a state of relaxed awareness, always make life decisions in this state) where one observes their thoughts rather than being their thoughts. In a relaxed sitting position one closes their eyes, regulates the breath to deep and slow which activiates the calming parasympathetic nervous system* (ones immediate reaction to stress should be a deep breath) and observes their thoughts and reactions. It is a skill to develop and good way to start the day. Video taping oneself can be shockingly revealing. Next, upon examnination the depressed/anxious person will discover they are preoccupied with negative perspectives, so it's important to purposefully review what one is grateful for in life.

For the older patient, reviewing ones life gives insight. Parameters include, chronologically by the year; where one lived, family events, best friends, jobs, awards, first car or home, and traumas. Societal events like wars or financial swings can be part of the backdrop. Identifying death wishes or vows made during frustrating times can be identified. Next, composing your ideal life leading to a vision board is followed by determining the steps necessary to attaining these goals. Remember to seek a high EQ (emotional quotient) by practicing delayed gratification.

Exercise and cold showers invigorates the body by releasing endorphins, the body's natural relaxing opioids. Music, especially classical and from ones own high school or college era, can stabilize emotions. Laughing (such as watching comedies), singing, and humming can all be helpful. Aroma like lavender or rose, calm the emotional part of the brain. Calming herbs, nutraceuticals (especially Theanine), Bach flower, and entheogen can greatly help the process. Remember the gut flora, called the second brain, may need attention especially if guy symptoms and constipation are present. ***Detoxification may be necessary of heavy metals (especially amalgam), environmental pollution, mineral and vitamin deficiency are present. A pro-inflammatory diet high in sugar, fat, and salt should be corrected especially with increased organic food and especially vegetable intake. Drugs can cause nutritional deficiencies and need to be reviewed for nutrient supplementation.

Medical exams should rule out hypothyroid, adrenal exhaustion, anemia, and hypoglycemia.

In difficult cases, hypnosis (guided visualization) can reveal fixations that can be cleared.

Address the weight bearing structure of the body and the cranial rhythm as well as evaluation and balancing the chakras may give significant relief. Therapeutic massage and yoga can give significant relief.

Thanks to German physician, Dr. Heller, we can evaluate the brain chemistry through the urine and balance brain chemistry with amino and nootropics.

Sleep deprivation is common and should be resolved with sleeping until one cannot sleep anymore. Pre-midnight sleep is the most valuable. Dream evaluation can give clues. Biofeedback as well as Light and Sound devices can help. Electrical and magnetic brain stimulating devices such as Cranial Neuro Stimulator (or CNS) are effective.

Cannabinoids are very helpful for neuroexhaustion. I make a high CBD/CBG formula without THC. Stimulants like coffee or suppressants such as alcohol can be valuable but in moderation. Promoters of metabolic ATP production such as COQ10 may be necessary especially if the cardiovascular system is involved.

The media and corporations create a frustrating social environment by establishing nonsensical self serving policies. This creates insecurities and a schizoid reality such as pharmaceutical TV commercials. Educate yourself on who is really generating fake news. Get out of the city and into nature! Be aware of the neurological impact of wireless technology, including WiFi, 5G cellular, and smart meters.

Develop a true sense of love and appreciation of family and friends. Develop the skill of dialogue. Loving hugs can be life changing.

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