• Dr. Thomas Kabisch, DO

Addressing Winter: A Brief Overview

Winter is a time of testing, testing the life style you are following in light of your genetics. The seasonal shift causes a loss of eight hours of sunshine, decreased fresh food consumption, and a cold challenge to the body. In society, we have persons who do not take care of themselves and become the source for virulent microorganisms challenging our immune systems. Variables include the condition of the digestive tract, nutritional status, exercise status, emotional status as you enter the flu and cold season.

The moment a person feels the invasion of a microorganism, one should be ready to respond with Coldeeze, a zinc supplement or Oscillococcinum, a homeopathic remedy that you can carry in your pocket. If fever is involved, constipation must be addressed. Many people are unaware of being constipated, so flushing the GI tract with fruit or a non-toxic cathartic is important. Eat more vegetables and beware of excess meat, junk food, eating late, over eating or eating too quickly, and consider food combining properly. Vitamin D3 and Iodine are deficient in society, so when a cold or flu gets out of control, I suggest taking a single dose of 50,000 IU of Vitamin D3 or 50 mg of iodine to initiate the immune system. You can also get control by going to bed earlier, especially pre-midnight, and sleeping till you can't any longer.

The immune system works through the lymphatic system, whose circulation is maintained by muscle contraction and breath. Congestion of the sinus, the throat and lungs, constipation, and dehydration oppose its function. There are two types of immune systems. The innate immune system which works instantly and if functioning, the person does not get sick. The humoral immune system takes about 3 days to respond, as it has to identify, tag, destroy, and clean up while leaving a memory cell so it too can react more quickly to the same microorganism in the future.


To supplement the protective energy shield around the body called Wei Chi, (especially with crowd exposure) put essential oils onto the hair, facial hair, and clothing. Eucalyptus is a good choice, as it specifically is an anti-microbial. Blends like Immune Power can be added to atomizers to sterilize the bedroom or house, especially for children. Shake out blankets and beat pillows outside, and flush home with fresh air on sunny winter days. An ideal habit is walking or running outside as fall progresses. This is not the time to bundle up but to condition the body for the coming cold weather. Sleeping with heat off and/or windows open in bedroom, strengthens a strong body. I like driving with car windows down. And have found an outside sport or outside work helps too. The Wim Hof method introductory level involves ending showers with a 5 minute cold shower of the whole body with a focus on hot spots. Wim Hof known as the ice man, never succumbs to illness even when injected into his blood stream.

Flavonoids from dark colored fruit such as blueberries and cherries should be kept in the freezer and served through out the winder for breakfast. Xylitol gum when chewed sterilizes the throat and teeth, documented by the Swiss to decrease throat and ear infections. Carry a thermos to drink hot soup and teach since 70% of our immune system is clustered around the intestinal tract with the second cluster around the throat and tonsils. Warmth increases circulation in these glads and thereby their function. You don't want to injure yourself during the winter, so be prepared for ice with salt and sand, good traction shoes (you can purchase strap on ice cleats) and when shoveling snow, throw snow in front you not to the side. Why? Twisting and weight bearing at the same time is difficult for the spine.

Making it through an infection makes a healthy person stronger and can endanger a sickly person. Sickly is defined as has having a history of repeated infection, a consumer of junk food, never allowed to have a fever, kept in too clean of an environment, excess antibiotic use, and non sweating skin.

You do not have to succumb to colds and flu. If you get sick, please reach out to our office, we have many programs for cold and flu. #health #massa #alternativemedicine #naturalremedies #coldandflu #homeremedies


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